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The perfect non-rotating hoist rope for Kelly drilling and Duty Cycle Cranes. Wire ropes in these applications generally fail due to shock loading. One major contributing factor is the fact that many Piling Rigs and Duty cycle cranes operate using a "re-purposed" tower crane wire rope for these applications. That's like using a road bike for mountain biking. 

TK16 Evolution is purpose-built for these applications. Designed with 4 large inner strands rather than multiple layers of smaller strands like a conventional tower crane rope, the 4 large strands act like steel bars and if a shock load occurs, the rope is far less likely to open and close causing the birdcage effect or other types of failure. This ultimately leads to a much longer service life that far outperforms any competition in its class. 

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Size (inches): 8MM - 42MM
Weight (lbs): -

Working Load Limit (t): -