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One of the best all-around performing wire ropes ever produced. Evolution QS816V is an upgrade for multi-layer and single layer winch drums using 6 strand ropes.

By having 8 strands instead of 6, QS816V displaces load on sheaves and drums more evenly, resulting in a more flexible rope that is both stronger and more resistant to fatigue.

The plastic layer protecting the core locks in lubrication and reduces inter wire knicking between the core and outer layer. 

Finally, by compacting each strand before they are closed around the core, strength and load bearing surface area are both increased yet again

For the right application, upgrading to QS816V from a basic 6 strand rope can increase rope life expectancy by 200% 

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Size (inches): 10MM - 42MM
Weight (lbs): -

Working Load Limit (t): -