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GRAB HOOK CL GR.10 5/16” (GPUCRC7/8)

The Green Pin® Grab Hook CL is a grade 10 clevis grab hook. Grab hooks are designed with a special curved narrow throat used to "grab" and shorten or hold a length of chain used in general lifting applications. In case of asymmetric load, the grab hook can be used to adjust one or more legs of the sling. The curved design of this throat makes inserting the chain easier and quicker. Once fitted the chain is perfectly secured, because the curved throat avoids the chain to slip out and two pitches support the link properly. The clevis design enables a direct connection to grade 10 chain. When connecting the clevis hook to a master link, use at least 3 grade 10 chain links between the hook and the connecting link fixed on the master link. 100% load capacity. The Green Pin® Grab Hook CL is available in a range to suit 6 mm up to 16 mm grade 10 chain. Click here to know more about the product.

Size (inches): 5/16”
Weight (lbs): 0.4

Working Load Limit (t): 2.6