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The Green Pin® Compression Tool (CT120150ROVSRL) is a specialized instrument designed for winding up Green Pin® Spring Release ROV Shackles with Working Load Limits (WLL) of 42.5t and above. This tool, distributed by Vancouver Rigging Supply Ltd., is engineered to meet the exacting requirements of Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) operations in Canadian waters and beyond.

Key Specifications:

  • For Shackle WLL: 120", 150" (3048 mm, 3810 mm)
  • Width (A): 13 3/8" (340 mm)
  • Length in Closed Position (B): 43 5/16" (1100 mm)
  • Length in Open Position (C): 68 29/32" (1750 mm)
  • Height (D): 11 1/4" (286 mm)
  • Width (E): 15/16" (24 mm)
  • Net Weight: 92.6 lb (42 kg)

This compression tool is an integral component for offshore operations, subsea construction, and marine engineering projects. It enables precise and controlled winding of ROV shackles, which is fundamental for maintaining structural integrity in underwater rigging systems.


  • Offshore Oil and Gas: For securing subsea equipment and structures
  • Marine Construction: In the assembly of underwater foundations and pipelines
  • Oceanographic Research: For deploying and retrieving scientific instruments
  • Salvage Operations: Aiding in the recovery of sunken vessels or cargo

The Green Pin® Compression Tool comes with a comprehensive operating manual, providing step-by-step instructions for correct usage and maintenance. This ensures that operators can utilize the tool effectively, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational safety.

For companies engaged in underwater operations across Canada, from the Atlantic provinces to the Pacific coast, this tool represents a fundamental asset for ROV-based activities. Its design accommodates the challenges posed by deep-sea environments and the need for precision in subsea rigging tasks.

To acquire the Green Pin® Compression Tool for your operations, click the 'Add to Quote' button on this page to initiate the procurement process with Vancouver Rigging Supply Ltd.

Size (inches): N/A
Weight (lbs): 92.6

Working Load Limit (t):